Ever since I began mountaineering and backpacking in some of the worlds more remote locations back in 1999 I found that photography went hand in hand. The more remote my surroundings and the local people, the more photographs I seemed to take.

During my early days, being a total novice and doing everything on the “Auto” setting I preferred to own point and shoot cameras. This left me very limited in the quality of my photography. Even since then, with the purchase of a D7000 Nikon camera I found that the dial sat more time on the little green icon.

The more I took notice of other peoples images the more I realized I could get out of my equipment, even introducing the minimal of changes. This lead me to find out the meanings of aperture and shutter speed, and liberate myself from Auto. What I found amazed me and my photos seemed to take on new life.

I’m still far from expert, , but my knowledge and imagination are increasing over time. My passion for being inventive, constantly searching for “the Shot”, ensures that I carry my latest acquisitions, a full frame Nikon D810 camera and wide angle lens, with me everywhere I go.

Given the right situation I’m sure that I can find you the picture that will bring your home, office, or magazine article to life. Check out a few of the images in my featured gallery, or browse through my portfolios.

Thanks for checking me out and giving me the chance to serve you.