So I was in two minds about heading to the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula for their 11 week Summer Intensive career training program. The main reason for my indecision is the price, costing almost $8000, probably with a huge knowledge overlap from what I already understand. I’m thinking I’ll forfeit this course and possibly try their week long Intermediate Photography course in May. If that goes to plan and I’m still eager to learn more then there’s always Outdoor Photography I and II, followed by Advanced Intensive – by then I should be shooting like a true Pro.

In the meantime I purchased a couple of the online classes from Creative Live, instructed by John Greengo – very enjoyable to listen to with great technique. The next to basic course was the 5 day Fundamentals of Photography, a great introduction to the use of cameras, lenses, composure, focusing, exposure, etc.. I learnt an awful lot from purchasing this course for a mere $50, then listening to it in my own time, taking notes and tweaking camera settings as it progressed. Next up was Nature and Landscape Photography, a course that assumes the fundamentals course has been completed, moving into shooting in the great outdoors.