The day had finally arrived where I actually got to sit in a classroom and listen to a ‘Pro’ photographer talk the talk. The course is Intermediate Photography, run by Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, and instructed by Tony Rizzuto. What I thought would be a couple hour intro turned out to include a two hour lecture on exposure, followed by a two hour field shoot in downtown Missoula. The six day course definitely started with a bang.

The other nine participants seem as excited about the course as I am, something which should bode well for the days to come. All our days are pretty well packed with field trips to local reserves, nurseries, and other areas of photographic significance. They certainly are spoilt with choice on outdoor venues in this part of Montana, something Andrea and I both love, and may even entertain making an extended visit.

Fortunately I had self taught myself a lot on exposure, that is with the aid of Creative Live and John Greengo, making this initial lecture a lot less of a learning curve. There was certainly a significant amount of information thrown in that is totally new, something that I’ll be practicing for sure over the coming days and weeks. The two hours spent wandering the city streets looking for ways to experiment with my new found skills turned out to be fun too – the folk who live here must be used to countless camera fanatics peering into every nook and cranny looking for that special image!

Heres hoping that tomorrow is as much fun as today…